• Experience High Speed Internet with Euro-Net infocom
  • Experience High Speed Internet with Euro-Net infocom


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EURONET INFOCOM is a reputed name offering a host of IT Services including Internet Broadband Services and Telecom Services. Careful planning is an absolute necessity to ensure that wireless networks yield optimum performance. Our team of engineers conducts site survey to assess the requirements of the network and detect possible hassles of interferences. Post site survey, a blue print of the network is prepared and implemented.

Internet Broadband Services
We are expert in optimizing the design of a network. Our whole exercise of network designing and installation begins with simulations so as to analyze the conceptual design of the network. After a number of refinements, the design that ensures optimum performance with due respect to cost constraints is finalized and the network is configured. We have successfully implemented a wide range of networks including Optical Fiber Networks, campus Wi–Fi, etc. You can contact us for reliable Internet Broadband Services and wireless connectivity between any numbers of places up to 50 Km area. Our services are tailor made for your specific requirements and that too within your budget.

Telecom Services
We offer a host of Telecom Services that include:

  • RF site survey for WI-MAX , GSM/CDMA (L1 , L2)
  • Installation and commissioning of mobile GSM/CDMA B.T.S (Huawei, Ericsson, C – DOT, ALACTEL, ZTE etc.)
  • Installation and commissioning of (MUX, DDF, Microwaves, converters, etc.)
  • Installation and commissioning for clients of RADWIN , APERTO , WI – MAX (TELSIMA , ALVARION etc)

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